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ScrapperMin is a scripting language that is similar with C language, except that everything is a function call including assigning variable. A variable can contains a single String or an array of String

SET(‘varA’, ‘I am John’);

SET(‘varA’, ‘I am John’;’My full name is John Kenedy’);

The second sample assign varA with two strings, two strings can be come an array with only seprating it with semicolon.

ScrapperMin language specialise itself for the purpose of Web Scraping, doing POST/GET to website. It supports loops (for/while), conditional if, string operations, or web client operations or web client operations using OAuth. It is built using .NET Framework 4.0 that comes with libraries for web scrapping. The script can run the ready made functions to enable fast creation of Web Bot. Some sample of what it could do

  1. Sending post to website that does not via API, such as Vbulletin forum.
  2. Sending post to website that offers API through Open Authentication
  3. Sending Private Message or Visitor Message for people in forum.
  4. Auto login into website and getting links from the site to download the file directly via browser.
  5. Uploading large files to website and getting the link by not using the API
The art of Web Scraping is by analysing the FORM tag of HTML and get the required input, fill in the input and passing it through POST/GET to the action link. ScrapperMin easily gets required POST string from a form and let you fill some parameters with your information.

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Sora Innosia - InnoEncode

You want to own a website just like Sora Innosia? Now you can! And its Free!

Sora Innosia decided to share you Sora Innosia's technology which is Sora Innosia - InnoEncode

InnoEncode allows you to build a website just exactly like Sora Innosia with automatic system such as downloading torrent, encoding video, uploading video, all automatically and you can configure all the settings easily with admin page.

To share the joy with you all, Sora Innosia decides to distribute the technology behind this site to allow more innovations across the world wide web so that some of you that has minimal developer knowledge but has strong loves on anime and want to have a website as easy as run it, InnoEncode provides the technology to you and even help you advising on configuration needed.

For home user, who simply want to encode anime automatically and left the PC on all the moment and of course with high speed internet can use InnoEncode to achieve it, it can automate the task of encoding which makes your job even faster. Anime release faster in the world wide means that this industry grows, and Sora Innosia has the vision to let all people in the world enjoy anime faster and contribute more on the field,

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KaskusInnoStudio is a forum bot software that allows to post in forum automatically. It provides the capability to solve captcha automatically when entering thread reply and able to run continuously without human intervention thus gain forum posting points faster and easily. The content of the post would be generated on the fly and automatically related to the topic.

KaskusInnoStudio also able to post advertisement to the forum and via thread reply which means it is able to post same content again and again and not some generated comment. This behavious is configurable within the program. Beside supporting thread reply, it also a bot to post Private Message or Visitor Message to the users in the thread. The users selected to be posted will be those active in the forum.

KaskusInnoStudio is powered by Sora Innosia ScrapperMin technology, a scripting language that operates on the HTML protocol doing POST/GET to url and supporting login, scraping text, posting, solving captcha and many other features within a syntax.

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InnoMini is a software to automatically Encode Video and tested encoding anime once the anime is published by torrent and automatically uploads the result to File Hosting services such as TusFiles SendMyWay or MirrorCreator. InnoMini is a script written in Python that depends on multiple open source Linux package such as Transmission, Tornado, FFMPEG, x264, HandBrakeCLI and some smaller packages.

InnoMini turns your linux dedicated server into a website that has its content updated automatically. The content will be links to file hosting services to download encoded anime that the server has automatically encoded. InnoMini has two services running, first is the website using Tornado that shows the link of encoded anime, and second is the service to run continuously scanning for anime matching your selection published in torrent then download it, encode it, and upload it to file hosting services.

Admin of InnoMini website need to configure the website to run as what admin want such as what title to be encoded, what kind of encoding setting, and etc.

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Chatango Personal Bot

Chatango Personal Bot is a software that runs on .NET Framework 4.0 that will spawn a chatango nick into a channel or chat room then reacts on sentence or words typed by other users and respond with configured message. It is capable to be configured to react only on nick in the friend list or react differently to other unknown person.

The software is also built in to be able to spawn picture found on Google Images, searching from MyAnimeList or from Google and many other features built in. Though some features might not work when the related website changes however update will be provided in future.

This software is designed for users who loves to chat in chatango and communicate with others.

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