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Lenovo Miix 2 vs Dell Venue 8 Pro

Looking for Christmas Gift in 2013? Or you want to find a travelling companion tablet that is powerful enough to run x86 softwares similar as a full fledged PC? Then Dell Lenovo 8 Pro or Lenovo Miix 2 both is 8 inch Windows 8.1 tablet that is capacitive touch screen PC running Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. Unlike early atom processor which is slow, the new Intel Atom Bay Trail processor sports 1.3Ghz to 1.8Ghz with Quad core and fast enough to run Adobe Lightroom, game like Half Life 2 or Star Craft 2. Both tablet belows has similar spec with 1 windows button, 1 power button, volume rocker (up/down) and a microusb port for charging or data connection and a microsd slot.


Lenovo Miix 2

Dell Venue 8 Pro


Lenovo Miix 2 and Dell Venue 8 Pro

  1. Size, battery similar and not noticeable differences
  2. Similar both does not have HDMI port only a single microusb port for charging and data (one at a time)
  3. Can’t connect to data while charging even using a microusb to 2 full size female usb hub

 Physical Different

Lenovo Miix 2

Dell Venue 8 Pro

  1. Capacitive-only stylus (and no palm rejection)
  2. Capacitive Windows button is below the display (portrait mode) (one owner says possible accidental hit)
  3. When hold in portrait mode, the charging port at right lower side which difficult to hold in portrait mode while charging
  4. Available in 128 GB storage space (theoretically, according to source)
  5. Sound weaker than Dell Venue 8 Pro
  6. No LTE version heard
  7. Processor Intel Atom Z3740 (capable up to 4GB memory dual channel)
  8. Has better camera 8MP (back camera)
  9. Front camera 2MP (but place at center so difficult operating camera when holding in landscape mode)
  10. Coming preinstalled with McAfee (people says it’s a bloat ware)
  1.  “Active Capacitive Stylus" (with palm rejection)
  2. Physical Windows button on the side of the device (top right when in portrait mode)
  3. When hold in portrait mode, the charging port at right upper side, which hand does not block the cable
  4. Largest available is 64 GB storage space
  5. Sound louder than Lenovo Miix 2
  6. LTE version is promised coming soon
  7. Process Intel Atom Z3740D (single channel)
  8. Weaker camera 5MP (back camera)
  9. Front camera 1.2MP
  10. Come standard with Windows and Office

Some Source From :

 Singapore Launch Date

Lenovo Miix 2

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Launch in Singapore

Not Launch in Singapore







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